Building the Laravel Campaign Monitor bundle

One of the projects I'd been working on called for Campaign Monitor integration. I'd used the API in various other frameworks, normally only implementing the API requests I required as I go along as some frameworks aren't particularly good at being extended with 3rd party libraries. (Not mentioning any names - CodeIgniter!)

Kirby, a file-based CMS that just works

I've been "re-designing" this site for along time now - it's been a single holding page for way to long. I found, like many other people, that if I spend to long working on it I get pretty board of it and have to start it from fresh again and it never seems to get finished. I knew for certain that I needed to get it built and live in a short timespan and I wanted the new site to be a blog with the possibility to extend it in the future, so I started looking at my options...

JavaScript version of PHP's str_replace() function

I spend a lot of my working day in PHP so when I come to coding in javascript I often get frustrated at the difference in functionality between similar sounding function names in the two languages. I use PHP's str_replace() function fairly frequently and often need to use it in JavaScript work. JavaScript has a function, replace(), which is a string replacement tool but it only works on the first instance it finds - this is functionally PHP lacks. I wanted a function that found and replaced all instances of the search term.